Advantageous Partnership Built Between Earn Guild and MetaShooter

$MHUNT Sniping into $EARN

Earn Guild ($EARN) is pleased to announce an exciting partnership with MetaShooter ($MHUNT). In this partnership, Earn Guild will promote MetaShooter to our players in the community and help build the guild-player ecosystem. Not only will we build our guild, but we will also focus on building the revenue growth of each community. In order for $EARN to succeed our partners must also prosper in the metaverse.

“Being an avid hunter in the outback during my childhood I am now always excited about playing strategic hunting games. My humanitarian outlook on life no longer allows me to hunt, however, MetaShooter is going to be a big revenue producer for $EARN.” — Darren Olney-Fraser, CEO Earn Guild

What is MetaShooter

One Shot One Kill

The MetaShooter team researched intensively before developing this exciting hunting game. MetaShooter concluded that they would be a pioneer in the crypto industry by delivering ultra-sharp graphics, a logical ecosystem, and utilization for the MetaShooter hunting game. In MetaShooter, the team thought about every detail which is used in the game in order to provide realistic and best user experience.

MetaShooter has numerous gameplay modes with a logical ecosystem while each asset is used between every player. The MetaShooter team has yet to see a P2E game that can touch what MetaShooter is offering. MetaShooter is developing a proper AAA game on the blockchain where players come prepared to actually play an exciting game, earn while playing, and positively progress throughout the game.

Realistic Digital Images

Players $EARN by playing $MHUNT

Players can take on the role of a hunter and buy various type of needed equipment in order to hunt animals. Depending on the rarity of animal's players will receive $MHUNT token. As they are rewarded, they can utilize hunted NFTs to bait, fodder, and sell them to others. Players can complete missions, challenges, earn rewards, and also participate in tournaments for prize funds.

Another way is to buy hunting lands, build houses, breed hunting dogs, build towers, monetize them, and receive APR from MetaShooter. This is only a few ways to monetize and earn. Everything depends on your strategy and skills.

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What is Earn Guild

Your $EARN is Endless

Is a guild for play-to-earn gamers on the blockchain. Our focus is providing the best state-of-the art games for our community. As we prosper forward, we continue to add games and partnerships. Our team does extensive research on each game before we honor a partnership.

Play-to-earn games are skill-based blockchain games where players earn crypto tokens when they win. As a guild, we support play-to-earn players so that they can earn more.

We provide:

  • A marketplace for the sale and rental of play-to-earn NFTs
  • Coaching for new players
  • Exchange for games tokens
  • Fiat gateways with an Earn Guild Mastercard
  • Credit scores for players

Earn Guild soft-launched in Q3, 2021, and is rapidly growing the Earn Guild’s player community along with adding partnerships weekly. We have 30,000 plus in our Discord community. Our number of daily players has reached over 1500 plus. We are one of the highest paying guilds with and estimated monthly revenue of $100k. We are growing at 50 plus new applications per day.

Earn Guild’s offers token-holders exposure to the fast-growing NFT, Marketplaces, Metaverses, PVP, and Play-to-Earn sectors. We partner with only the best of the best in the gaming industry.

Anyone not domiciled in the USA, Australia, or UN-sanctioned countries can participate in the $EARN token sale.

*The eligible countries list is selected by Earn Guild. Launchpad dates are subject to change.

**Digital assets carry a high level of risk. Participation is performed at your own risk. Exercise caution and conduct your own due diligence.




Earn Guild is a player guild for play-to-earn games

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Earn Guild

Earn Guild

Earn Guild is a player guild for play-to-earn games

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