Earn Guild forms strategic partnership with MetaWars

Earn Guild is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with MetaWars. This is part of Earn Guild’s commitment to support and expand the play-to-earn (P2E) industry. This will bring the Legions of Scholars at Earn Guild more opportunities in this epic game.

“To expand our metaverse, we are more than welcome to have Earn Guilt joining us. Can’t wait to work together and provide more to both communities” — Tash, the Co-founder of MetaWars

“We could not be happier to partner with such an amazing team. MetaWars is truly an epic, state of the art, gaming platform” –Darren Olney-Fraser, CEO of Earn Guild

About MetaWars

MetaWars is a play-to-earn next-generation blockchain-backed GameFi ecosystem. Explore and battle throughout the metaverse to gain a vast fortune. $WARS, NFTs, and In-game token $GAM can be mined by staking which can be used to earn across the GameFi metaverse and in the future strategic game. We aim to expand this voyage into uncharted territory.

What is MetaWars

MetaWars is a science fiction-themed strategic and role-playing game built on the Binance Smart Chain where users can earn their share of the vast fortunes in the GameFi industry as they play to earn. Since its release, MetaWars has seen exponential growth, and it is labeled to be a cutting-edge, next-generation economy with room for more development.

MetaWars also contains PlanetFi, a stake-to-earn platform. PlanetFi allows players to move assets freely between different blockchains and earn tokens from various gaming projects. PlanetFi also introduces new projects and creates an economy of interlinked platforms full of potential.

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Earn Guild is a guild for play-to-earn gamers on the blockchain.

Play-to-earn games are skill-based blockchain games where players earn crypto tokens when they win. As a guild, we support play-to-earn players so that they can earn more.

We provide:

  • A marketplace for the sale and rental of play-to-earn NFTs;
  • Coaching for new players;
  • Exchange for games tokens;
  • Fiat gateways, with an Earn Guild Mastercard; and
  • Credit scores for players.

Earn Guild soft-launched in Q3, 2021, and is rapidly growing the Earn Guild’s player community. Already, we have almost 30,000 in our Discord community, over 5000 new players have joined Earn Guild, and we are growing at almost 500 new members per day.

Earn Guild’s offers token-holders exposure to the fast-growing NFT and Play-to-Earn sectors.

Anyone not domiciled in the USA, Australia, or UN-sanctioned countries can participate in the $EARN token sale.

*The eligible countries list is selected by Earn Guild. Launchpad dates are subject to change.

**Digital assets carry a high level of risk. Participation is performed at your own risk. Exercise caution and conduct your own due diligence.




Earn Guild is a player guild for play-to-earn games

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Earn Guild

Earn Guild

Earn Guild is a player guild for play-to-earn games

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