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EARN Guild is in Collaboration with Ikonic

Ikonic will help creators connect with the fans that keep them advantageous. Earn Guild found Ikonic to have a strong NFT Marketplace in which they can deliver the best designs and collectibles. In doing so, individuals can create their own legacy.

“Partnership brings on strong relationships that excel economic progress. Excited to add these Ikonic to the $EARN community.” –Darren Olney-Fraser, CEO of Earn Guild.

Key Components of Ikonic

  • Platform successfully launched — August 2022
  • Key features:
  • 3 chains (ETH, BSC, Polygon)
  • Affiliate Program (up to 5 parties can earn royalties from 1 NFT)
  • EIP 2981 — Royalties cross-market
  • SC Audited by Hacken with a general score of 9.1/10 and 10/10 in Security
  • Vesting and Staking contracts audited by Certik
  • Fiat Payments
  • NFT Insurance
  • Estimated at 10000 registered users on the platform
  • 36 Partnerships, web3 gamify projects
  • Additional fundraising of $1.5M
  • Equity structure (in progress, almost finalized)
  • Token launch
  • Co-participation in one of the biggest web2-web3 esports conference
  • Metaverse
  • Partnerships with esports organizations’ w
  • IKONIC Esports tournament (TBA)

Ikonic MVPs

  • Smart contract audit
  • Platform Development
  • NFT Minting
  • NFT Trophy Room
  • NFT Gallery and Marketplace
  • Audited & Secured Smart Contracts
  • Alle Connect & MetaMask Connectivity

Social Media

What is Earn Guild

The exciting global community of P2E players who want to earn more from playing games. Earn is a guild for play-to-earn gamers on the blockchain. Our focus is providing the best state-of-the art games for our community. Moving forward we will be adding YouTube reviews of participating games and adding KOL’s feedback. Players will be rewarded by giving feedback on games that use our professional feedback services. $EARN is constantly adding new services that allow our scholars to earn, even when not playing. The players’ feedback is especially important to Earn Guild and their partners.

Play-to-earn games are skill-based blockchain games where players earn crypto tokens when they win. As a guild, we support play-to-earn players so that they can earn more. Additional rewards are given to P2E players who are willing to participate in gaming partners Alpha, Beta, and Testing rounds. Players will be rewarded by giving feedback on games that use our professional feedback services.

We provide:

  • A marketplace for the sale and rental of play-to-earn NFTs
  • Coaching for inexperienced players
  • Exchange for games tokens
  • Fiat gateways with an Earn Guild Mastercard
  • Credit scores for players
  • Live Streaming and some AMA’s for many incoming game partnerships
  • Support of Game partnerships by providing the community to participate in Alpha and Beta testing

$EARN Testing Squad

  • Testing for Alpha, Beta and Pre-Launch
  • Earn helps games outside of their dev team to play games
  • Available only to Earn Guild game partners

How Does it Work?

  • Partners give our verified testing squad access to your game and Earn Guild will organize a tailored test to suit your needs
  • You must hold a minimum number of $EARN tokens to use this service
  • Our players give feedback to you in a group Telegram chat
  • We provide rewards to our tester

Earn Guild soft-launched in Q3, 2021, and is rapidly growing the Earn Guild’s player community along with adding partnerships weekly. We have 30,000 plus in our Discord community. Our number of daily players has reached over 1500 plus. We are one of the highest paying guilds with an estimated monthly revenue of $100k. We are growing at 50 new applications per day.

Earn Guild’s offers token-holders exposure to the fast-growing NFT and Play-to-Earn sectors. We partner with only the best of the best in the gaming industry. We continue to offer Live Streaming and AMAs for many of the gaming partnerships along with providing players with many different game’s beta & alpha stages.

Punch Games, Defi Horse, Dark Earth, Engines of Fury, DeepMine, Cyberpop, Crypto Tanks, Cross The Ages, BreederDAO, Battle Saga, Axie Infinity, SIDUS, Splinterlands, Pegaxy, Solchicks, Hydraverse, Supremacy, Wasted Lands, The Killbox, Deviant Factions, Urban Racer, The Fabled, Happy Land, Step Hero, Punch Games, Meta Wars, Meta Gods, Meta Gear, Meta Ops, Dragon Evolution, One Shogun, Defi Warrior, Rage Fan, Nest Arcade, Fight of the Ages, The Three Kingdoms, Meta Chess, The Immortal Game, Knights of Castlena, Pirate x Pirate, ECIO, Shark Race Club, Kingdom Raids, Wizarre, Metastrike, Galaxy Blitz, Infinity Skies, Wonder Hero, Mirror World, Dark Frontiers, Metashooter, Battleverse, Cheddar Block, CREO Engine, Mogwar, Legends of Crypto, Dracoo Master, Monsters of War, Ookenga, Questfi, IKONIC, G4AL, Karmaverse, TimeShuffle, Paladins Panda, Elemental Raiders, Evermore Knights, Dark Throne, Legends of Elumia, Meta Oasis, Pandora, Tryangle, Nunu Spirits, League of Ancients, Acknowledger, Ancient Kingdoms, Antmons, Arcadeland, Attarius, Born To Die, Breach, Catheon Gaming, Crypto Guild, Epic League, Genesis Shards, Gensokishi, Gunstar Metaverse, HiFi Gaming, Katana Inu, Kingspeed, Legends of Aria, Legends of Elumia, Legends of Elysium, Metaverse Go, Mist Game, Monkey League, Nitro League, Off the Grid, Path of Survival, Planet Sandbox, Shrapnel, Sleep, Souni, Space Marvel, Taunt, Tryhards, Vision Game and more.

How to become an Earn Guild Game Partner

If you would like to become an Earn Guild Game Partner, please contact Michael Tobin @handsofice on Telegram.

Let Us Get Social!!!

Anyone not domiciled in the USA, Australia, or UN-sanctioned countries can participate in the $EARN token sale. Currently being bought and sold on major exchanges.

*The eligible countries list is selected by Earn Guild. Launchpad dates are subject to change.

**Digital assets carry an elevated level of risk. Participation is performed at your own risk. Exercise caution and conduct your own due diligence.



Earn Guild

Earn Guild is a player guild for play-to-earn games